The Asphalt Contractors Houston TX Hosts Offer an Answer to Old, Broken-Up Surfaces

Although it often seems unyielding, asphalt is a fundamentally flexible substance. That becomes clear when the weather grows warm enough, as even a gentle prod will often show how easily asphalt can yield. In fact, a major reason for the impressive durability of asphalt is that it does a good job of bouncing back under the stresses it endures, instead of simply cracking or shattering. Even while asphalt can be so resilient in such ways, though, it will eventually succumb to these forces. When that happens, the Asphalt Contractors Houston TX has to offer will typically be able to propose some effective, appealing solutions.

In many cases, what will make the most sense will be tearing up the old surface and replacing it with fresh material. Even properly installed asphalt will have a limited, definite lifetime, as its ability to spring back tends to diminish with the passing years. Although asphalt in Texas has it easier than that put down in many other places, seasonal weather fluctuations also eventually take their toll on the surface.

That will normally require a decade or more to happen, but once the moment for replacement arrives, it will make sense to spring for action. Asphalt that has become brittle and broken with age will start to become outright hazardous, with new cracks and other problems developing at an increasing rate.

Fortunately, the Asphalt Contractors Houston TX hosts can normally put down a fresh new surface in an impressively short amount of time. The first step will be to break up the existing material and remove it, with companies like Teague’s Asphalt often being able to take care of this work in as little as a day.

Once the old asphalt has been torn up and carted away, an assessment of the underlying layers will generally take place. In many cases, particularly in the Houston area, at least some of the work done years before to put this down will be suitable for reuse in order to keep costs down. Thereafter, a new layer of asphalt can often be put down in just as little time, with only a bit of patience then being needed to allow it to cure.

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