The Benefits of Ordering From The Long Island Ice and Fuel Company

One of the most commonly overlooked food items found at major events is ice. People often neglect the fact that there is ice in their beverages or chilling the food they are eating. It just always seems to be there, like a condiment. This is made possible by businesses like the Long Island Ice and Fuel Company, that are prepared to handle any ice order quickly and efficiently.

Ice is classified as a food product and must go through the same quality control and safety testing as any other consumable. These standards help guarantee the ice being sold has come from a pure water source with no contamination. Ordering bulk ice from a wholesale distributor is the best way to stock the cleanest form of the product while saving money. Not only does the purchaser receive a premium product, they get to take advantage of competitive pricing.

Wholesale ice delivery service is a handy tool for businesses. Grocery stores, gas stations, and drugstores all utilize this product, and typically order it in bulk. The ice is then stored in a freezer specifically designed for merchandising the product. Both the ice and the freezer are delivered and maintained by the distributor, making the act of selling the product relatively easy for a commercial retailer.

Smaller businesses, like catering companies, also use bulk ice and include the price in their contracts. When serving a large group of people, the caterers can’t rely on using the existing on-site ice supply. To ensure all of the food and beverages are properly cooled, they need to have plenty of ice on hand. Placing an order with an ice distributor allows them to order the correct bulk amount as well as rent a portable freezer for storage.

Independent businesses typically utilize these ice delivery services in a different way. A wholesale distributor like Business Name offers specialty ice items including large sculpting ice blocks, ice luges, dry ice, and ice cakes. These products are used by party planners, ice sculptors, and event coordinators as part of their craft to create a unique moment. Although they are not often ordered in bulk, these ice products are also safety tested, even though they may not be consumed.
Retail ice products come in many forms. Regardless of what is needed, a wholesale ice distributor will be able to meet any demand.

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