The Best Service for Glass in Atlanta GA

When you are looking for the best dealer for Glass in Atlanta GA, it’s important to consider the type of job you need done and the functionality that you want out of it. Glass has a multitude of different uses in residential and commercial settings. Glass is used in shower doors, mirrors, porch and patio enclosures, and shelves and tabletops. It is used in windows, storefronts, doors, and mall fronts. Different types of glass are ideal for specific circumstances whether you need shatter proof, fire resistant, two way mirrors, or are looking for a specific style.

There are several different types of Glass in Atlanta GA that can suit a multitude of different needs. Plate glass is your most basic type of glass. It needs modification to add safety features. Tinted glass adds color to the glass and can be done for decorative or functional reasons. Laminated glass is made from at least 2 pieces of glass with a plastic layer in between them. This is your typical safety glass that you would find in a car windshield, but it certainly has other applications in the home.  Tempered glass is plate glass that is heated to extreme temperatures to increase the surface tension of the glass. This increases the strength, making it up to four times as strong as regular glass.

Mirrored glass has silver paint that is refinished to prevent scratching. Antiqued mirrored glass follows the same process as mirrored glass, but the silver is oxidized to create that antique look. Insulated glass reduces heating and cooling costs of buildings by using two panes of glass with air in between to create a barrier that resists heat transfer. Fire rated glass is costly and typically only used when fire proof is required by a builder or by law. Wine glass and ceramic are the most common types of fire rated glass.

Before you hire a glass installation service, read online reviews to see what their previous customers have to say. Make sure the business is insured. The work should be guaranteed, and make sure you find out how long that guarantee is good for. Companies that sell and install Glass in Atlanta GA like MG Glass Inc offer competitive pricing to get the job done on your budget, and offers emergency service in the event of a disaster. Get your repair or upgrade done by glass professionals today. Visit for more information.

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