The Importance of Turret Presses in the Machining Industry

Many fabrication businesses today rely on simple principles like punching and pressing for the majority of their work. Although the process may appear simple, costs for tooling can be significant and this can create problems in the 21st Century machine shop. Many shops are solving this problem with equipment like refurbished or used Amada turrets. But what is a turret and why is refurbished such a viable option in the machining business today? Let’s look closer and see.

Turret Presses

A turret is a punch press designed to create high volume work, unlike standard punch presses which can only handle specific tasks. The turret can take advantage of a wide variety of tools and create holes and notches in many different sizes. This eliminates the need for creating many types of press tools. It is an excellent strategy for rapid prototypes and can deliver single and low volume runs economically.

By simply rotating the machine turret, one can take advantage of a large range of tools and operations. This allows for both simple and complex cutting from the same machine and can save a great deal of time and labor costs. In some cases, punches are the preferred method over laser cutting. Because punching is faster, it can make a greater number of complex parts like grilles and plates in far less time.

Why Refurbished or Used Amada Turrets?

If you are thinking about adding a turret press to your shop, you can save a lot on costs when you buy used or refurbished. However, it does little good to cut costs, unless you buy the highest quality equipment possible. This is why many shops today choose to invest in used Amada turrets. Amada is one of the most trusted names in the industry and creates some of the most sought after metal working equipment.

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