What Is Vaping?

Vaping has been around for several years now, and it is just now beginning to be understood. Vaping has come about as a direct result of both increasing bans and restrictions on smoking, as well as many people simply wanting to quit smoking. While it is still in its early stages, most research indicates that it is far less harmful than smoking since there is neither tar nor carbon monoxide in vape liquids. That being said, getting vaper life insurance has not been easy at times. Many insurance companies still treat it the same as smoking, so here is a brief introduction to get you started.

How it Works

Basically, when power is supplied to the coil, it heats up. This then boils away the liquid that is soaked into the cotton on the coil. When this boils away the vapor is produced and then inhaled. This allows vapers to get their nicotine and the flavor and feeling of inhaling without all of the tar and carbon monoxides from a cigarette.


The piece that contains the coil and liquid is known as the atomizer. These are offered in a few different variations, but the two most popular types are tanks and rebuildable drip atomizers, or RDAs. Both of these offer their own advantages. Tanks allow you to store the liquid in the tank which means you do not have to worry about refilling every few hits. With an RDA, however, you are going to get a much stronger hit with more flavor. These are also cheaper since you can rebuild the coils rather than having to buy all new ones.

Vape Types

There are three basic types of vapes, pens, handhelds, and box mods. Pens are the cheapest option, but also the weakest. They also usually have a limiter built in to prevent you from getting more nicotine than is in a cigarette at once. This will depend on the model but expect it from cheaper models.

Handheld vapes are larger than pens, but still easily fit in your pocket. These cost a bit more than pens, but also offer much more power and better performance. The last option, box mods, are large and bulky but offer much higher wattage than anything else can. These can reach a wattage of 200W or more.

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