The Value In A Used Triple Quad Versus New Equipment

Laboratory equipment is a major budget consideration for any facilities of any size, capacity and with diverse testing needs. Finding the best value in equipment while staying within a constrained budget can be a challenge.

To overcome this challenge, many of labs of all sizes and testing capacities are turning to used equipment. This is particularly true for the higher end purchases such as a triple quad. A used triple quad can be less than half the cost of a new machine, which makes it a top consideration for any testing facility.

Upgrading Equipment

If a lab is delaying the purchase of a new or a used triple quad and trying to rely on testing using alternative equipment, such as mass spectrometers, the difference in reliability and detection needs to be considered.

The triple quad is much more effective at low levels of detection on tests, which is essential in medical, research and studies. Not having this level of accuracy can be hurting your lab’s reputation as well as your ability to provide accurate, complete results.

When upgrading from existing equipment to a used triple quad, always verify that the built-in software will be compatible with current lab software. For most newer models this will not be a concern, but always verify compatibility, particularly if the lab operating system is older.

Equipment Reputation

With these comprehensive types of testing systems, having the ability to choose a model of triple quad that has been used in the field and that earned a top reputation is important for labs and technicians. Read online reviews and look for models that meet the physical size and space requirements in the lab.

Top names and models should be readily available from used lab equipment companies. These companies can also provide information on models to consider based on the testing requirements of your facility.

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