Things that can Affect Auto Insurance Rates

When buying car insurance in St. Augustine, FL, a number of things can affect your rates aside from recent tickets or accidents. Here are just a few factors that play a role in determining rates.

#1. Vehicle Type

Your vehicle’s size, cost, and safety rankings are all considered when coming up with a rate for each car. Larger automobiles are safer, as are those that score well in independent crash tests. However, some of the savings you realize when buying a larger, safer car could be offset by its cost, particularly if it is a luxury model.

#2. Zip Code

Studies show that most accidents occur close to home. As such, you’ll pay more for insurance if you live in a highly-populated area with dense traffic, dangerous roads or blind intersections. That’s because insurers take historical data into account when determining rates according to zip code. So if there have been lots of accidents nearby, you could see a bump in insurance rates.

#3. Age and Years of Driving Experience

Generally speaking, the more experience you have behind the wheel the better. Statistics prove that young drivers-particularly those in their teens-pose more of a hazard than drivers over 30 do. Your risk decreases every year until you hit age 65 or so. At that time, some companies will feel you are no longer as alert as you once were, and may assess you a penalty for it.

#4. Annual Miles Driven

How far you drive is almost as important as where you operate. Your odds of having an accident increase with each mile, so you could pay more if you drive more than the average amount per year.

In addition to these factors, car insurance in St. Augustine may also vary from one company to the next. To find an affordable quote, please contact us here at Thompson Baker Insurance.

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