Four Signs Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

Your home’s basement or crawl space is critical to the structure of your house. Generally, a dry basement is a structurally sound basement, so you should do everything you can to keep water out of the spaces under your house. If you notice signs of water seepage or flooding, you might need to contract for waterproofing in Concord, NC. Here are some signs your basement or crawl space needs waterproofing.

Mold and Mildew

Few things can raise alarm in homeowners and homebuyers like a mold problem. That’s because mold can pose significant health risks. Unfortunately, excess moisture under the home can contribute to a mold or mildew outbreak. If you notice mold growing under your house, you will probably need to hire a professional service to abate the problem. Basement waterproofing can help prevent mold from returning.

Water Stains

Because most water has salt and other minerals in it, it leaves behind a stain in places it has been. If you see white or brown stains, it is probably time for waterproofing in Concord, NC. Reputable services like Dry Otter Waterproofing can install crawl space encapsulation to keep your basement or crawl space dry.


If you notice cracking, flaking, or other damage to your basement or crawl space, you might have a problem that needs a two-pronged solution. First, you will need basement or crawl space repair followed by a method for achieving a sealed crawl space or basement. A waterproofing expert can install the right sealant or other system.


One of the clearest indicators of excess moisture under the house is a musty smell. If you use your basement for storage, a wet odor can permanently taint your stored items. Fortunately, a waterproofing system can help to eliminate odors and protect your stored things.

Having a dry basement or crawlspace is necessary for the structure of the house. If you notice signs of water or excess moisture under your house, contact a professional for waterproofing in Concord, NC immediately.

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