Tips For Hiring A Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Company

At an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), either a startup company on a first project or an established company that already has several product lines, choosing the right companies to partner with will be critical for overall operational efficiency.

When considering any custom sheet metal fabrication service, there are some essential factors to keep in mind. Most OEMs will zero in on comparing quotes or bids for the job, but that is really just one aspect of how the company will perform and the value they bring to the project.

While price will be a consideration, take the time to review the following aspects of any custom sheet metal fabrication service before determining if they are the best service for your needs.

In-House Capacity

Not all metal fabrication shops offer the same in-house capacity. This capacity is determined by several factors, including equipment, the flow through the system and the number of employees.

Some metal fabrication shops are notorious for taking on new projects when they are already struggling to get current or standing orders completed and out the door on time. Addressing this issue will be crucial for everything from prototypes of large scale production runs.


If the custom sheet metal fabrication service is not located near a metropolitan hub, shipping rates will be higher for ground freight services, and there may be increased delivery issues and supply chain complications.

The size and frequency of orders will need to be carefully considered if choosing a service provider that is in a remote location that will require additional shipping considerations.

Value-Added Services

Another consideration is the services over and above sheet metal fabrication that the shop offers. Many companies will provide metal finishing, welding, assembly and hardware insertion, even using parts and components from other suppliers.

Review the options offered by the sheet metal fabricator and compare different services. This will give you a better perspective on value for the price.

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