Tips on Caring for Your Dog in the Winter

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Animal Hospitals

When the weather starts to head south, you see more people walking around with extra layers and boots on. However, few people think about how this kind of weather can affect their pets, specifically dogs. These wonderful animals have heavy coats that can keep them warm, but else is needed to care for them properly in the winter?

Indoor Humidifier

If you ask your Germantown vet clinic for a list of items to make the winter pretty for Spot, a humidifier will likely be on the list. In the winter, cold air is around and it has less moisture than warm air. A humidifier can add back in some moisture to the air on your home. This is good for your pop because dry air can be irritating and cause flaking or excessive scratching.

Avoid Major Grooming

Winter is not the right time to clip your dog’s hair down to the skin. Some dogs who do not shed, like certain poodles, may need some grooming work, but in general, leave them that fur to keep them comfortable and warm. This will make walks much more pleasant for them until the temperature goes back up.

Clean the Paws

You probably won’t want to give your dog baths too often in winter, but you should make sure to take care of their paws. When you take the dog out for a walk, chemical ice meld and salt will get on their feet. This needs to be washed off as it can be very irritating for your pet. Make sure to clean between their toes, as well. Another option is to have the dog wear booties when snow is hanging around.

Increase Amount of Food

A dog has a normal temperature of about 101 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. When it’s cold, maintaining that temperature is more difficult. You might consider making your dog’s meal portions slightly bigger to make up for this, especially if the dog is rather active. If your dog is a bit overweight, speak with your Germantown vet clinic to determine the right course of action.

Check the Forecast

The best thing you can do for your pet is to keep him or her warm. If you get cold stepping outside, it’s too cold for your dog to be there, as well. Even if your dog is usually outside, they should have an indoor space to sleep and play when it is cold. Keep walks short and spend time in the home playing to make up for it.

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