Top 3 Mistakes Event Planners Make at Casino Parties

Planning events comes with many challenges, and it can be easy to make mistakes no matter how experienced you are. A casino night is a fun theme for a party, but it has its own unique challenges due to the game-focused event. In order to keep your night successful from the start, here are three important mistakes to avoid at casino parties.

Make Sure You Have Enough Accessories

Casino parties involve casino games, which means a lot of accessories. From card decks to dice to poker chips or gaming vouchers, you need to make sure you have a surplus of all the little things. You don’t want your guests waiting to take turns playing games because you lack enough card decks, for example. Be sure to talk to your casino rental company in Connecticut and ask how much you’ll need based on your guest list.

Make Sure the Prizes Are Fun

Another big problem that plagues casino parties is boring prizes. Half the fun of attending a gaming party is what you could win. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, or that you need to abandon the corporate message of a company event, for example – it just means that you need to be creative and think about what your guests would truly value. If this is a company event for employees, offer a paid day off, for example. Gift cards to local businesses or spa services and basket prizes are two common favorites.

Make Sure You Consider Alcohol Consumption

Most casino-themed parties involve alcohol, simply because bars and casinos are a classic pairing. However, you do want to make sure that you employ bartenders who have the authority to cut people off, and the ability to do so diplomatically. Be sure that your guests have access to some drinks, but not an open-ended invitation to get drunk. Consider offering vouchers for two to three free drinks, and don’t allow cash purchases for alcohol if you are concerned.

Avoiding these three mistakes will make your casino party a success. If you are interested in throwing a casino party in Connecticut, contact Casino Parties LLC at learn more. We can help you get the right equipment, the right staff, and offer ideas for prizes and other considerations so that you can nail every aspect of your event. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!