What Are the Pros and Cons of Epoxy Floors in Durham?

Epoxy floors can be a great addition to your garage, but you may not be aware of the true pros and cons of getting this type of flooring professionally installed in your garage. If you’ve been thinking about hiring someone to apply an epoxy floor to your Durham home, consider these pros and cons to help you make the right final decision.

Shock Resistance

Your garage floor goes through a lot. Whether you store your car in the garage or you use it for other purposes, the risk of an impact can cause serious damage to your average concrete over time. When you choose to have epoxy flooring professionally installed, you can trust you are adding a durable finish that can withstand any type of impact, whether you’re dropping tools or you’re parking a large SUV or other vehicle in the garage.

Stain Resistance

One of the biggest issues for most garage floors is staining. You may spill oil or other chemicals or your car may spring a leak in one of its systems. With your standard concrete garage flooring, these materials can easily seep into the floor and cause unsightly stains. With the professional application of an epoxy floor in Durham, you can be sure your floor is protected from these stains. Spills can be easily wiped up with no damage to the floor.

Incorrect Installation

Many of the cons of an epoxy floor in Durham can be eliminated with professional installation. Because the application process seems easy to many homeowners, they may choose to perform the work themselves. Unfortunately, this often leads to improper preparation and poor application techniques, which can result in damage and the need to replace the epoxy much more quickly. The good news is professional application can typically resolve many of these issues, making epoxy an ideal choice for your garage.