What is a Diesel Particulate Filter in Anaheim CA?

A Diesel Particulate Filter in Anaheim CA is a component of all diesel engines as of the 2007 model year, with retrofit filters for older engines. Engines have an automatic regeneration cycle that burns off the particulates. The filter collects small soot and dust particles from the diesel fuel before it enters the air through the exhaust system. The filter has to be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent clogging. A clogged filter will decrease the fuel efficiency and power of the engine, and may result in an engine shut down in severe cases. Profits are effected due to increased down time, and customer satisfaction is effected due to delays in transport or delivery services.

The traditional cleaning method is a generic vacuuming of the filter that takes up to three days to complete. The filter is placed in a container and the vacuum system cleans the filter. A newer system has been developed that can clean a Diesel Particulate Filter in Anaheim CA in about an hour on-site. The process is mobile, and customized to focus on specific areas of the filter that may be getting more clogged. It is manual, so a technician can ensure the entire filter is completely cleaned. A low-pressure zone is created underneath the filter, so vacuuming is more powerful. that gets filters cleaner, and increases the time interval between cleanings. That saves businesses time and money on maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, and less down time.

A filter that becomes impacted with debris has to go through a thermal cleaning, or baking, process. That is expensive and takes longer than regular cleaning. The more powerful technique eliminates most of those issues, so baking is only needed for oil soaked filters. The cost of a new filter is between three and ten thousand dollars, so keeping current ones cleaner and lasing longer is wise. The technique complies with all State and Federal Regulations, and can be used for diesel engines on trucks, buses, trains, and all sized boats. Business owners can go to website for full details, levels of services available, and direct links to valuable resources. Keep a fleet of trucks, trains, or boats operating smoothly with cost-effective filter cleanings.

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