What Type of Hand Dryer Is Best?

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

If you are looking to buy a hand dryer, you want to get the one that is best for your situation. It will depend on the business or commercial building you own, as well as how many people will use it. A busy sports venue will have different requirements than an office setting that has only a handful of employees. Each model of hand dryer has unique features.

Top of the Line

The highest quality hand dryers come equipped with a lot of power, and they can service hundreds of people in a day. The best ones are energy efficient and use some sort of hygienic systems, such as a filtration system and antimicrobial technology. Other features might include a powerful blower, a multi-speed blower and replaceable brushes for longer use. The air can be heated up to 132 degrees F for quick drying times of just a bit over ten seconds. Easy installation can reduce setup costs, too.


If you buy a hand dryer that is considered standard, you will still be getting an effective machine. It might not be as powerful, but it will still generate enough warmth and force to clean hands in less than thirty seconds. It should also include features to make the machine run smoothly and quietly, and it should still provide many years of good service. It may be equipped with a low-energy sensor to allow the machine to remain dormant when not in use.


An economy dryer will still provide quick drying times, sufficient power and energy-saving features. Air temperature will probably top out at around 120 degrees F, but that is still capable of drying hands in under a minute.

Buy a hand dryer that meets your needs. The best ones might cost a little more, but they are more likely to last longer and might provide better service in the long run. For more details, visit Americandryer.com.

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