Cleaning Your Vehicle with Filter Cleaning Services in Garden Grove, CA

If you have a diesel engine on your vehicle, you likely have a diesel particulate filter. The filter grabs onto soot that is a result of incomplete combustion of the diesel fuel, which creates soot and ash that would become pollution if it were not filtered out of the exhaust. Over time, the filter becomes completely full. At that point, you either have to change it or regenerate it. If it’s a one-time use filter, it has to be changed for a new one. Vehicles often have filters that can be regenerated by burning off the soot with extremely hot exhaust. However, if you have industrial or agricultural applications, you probably don’t have those options. In those cases, you’ll need filter cleaning services in Garden Grove, CA.

Industrial and Agricultural

Industrial and agricultural applications are often much simpler; they do not have the computers inside the engines necessary to detect when your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is full and in need of filter cleaning services. Many of them also don’t have the technology to adjust the fuel-to-air mixture to make the exhaust hot enough to burn off the soot. In those cases, you need to call a company such as DPF Medic.

At a great company, they will come out to your job site for a thorough DPF filter cleaning. That could mean that your filter is a one-time use filter that they just replace, or it could be one that they need to regenerate. They will have many different methods for cleaning your filter and keeping your engine running smoothly.

Old Engines

It’s especially important that you have filter cleaning services for old engines. They often cannot take the stress of running with a full filter. You need to make sure they get extra attention to stay in good running order.

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