Quick Checklist for Planning a Casino Theme Party

Planning a party can be a lot of fun – but it does involve keeping a lot of details in mind along the way. There are many things you have to do in a timely manner to ensure the party is pulled off perfectly. Here’s a quick checklist for planning a casino theme party to keep you on track so you can enjoy the night.

Four to Six Weeks Before the Event

At least one month before the event, you should be sure that you have all the logistics determined. This includes:

* When and where the party will be held

* The budget for the party

* The guest list to invite

* Food and refreshment plans

* Any unique details that you want to include

A casino theme is easy because you can simply rent the games you need from Casino Parties LLC, and most of your work is done for you!

Two to Three Weeks Before the Event

At least two weeks before the event, be sure that you’ve sent out all your invitations and that you’ve finalized the contracts for anything you are renting, including games, tables, chairs, and décor. Additionally, be sure that you’ve purchased everything like prizes or party favors, and that you’ve confirmed the plans for the food.

One Week Before the Event

Be sure that all your guests have RSVP’d, and that you’ve contacted any who you haven’t heard from by this time. You need a final guest count to ensure you’ll have enough food, party favors, and accessories for the games.

The Day of the Party

It’s finally time for the event! On the day of the party, you’ll be having a very busy day. You’ll need to ensure that all the games, décor, and refreshments are delivered and set up appropriately. You’ll also need to do a final run through to ensure that there is enough staff and that everything is clean and in working order.

Finally, it’s just time to enjoy the party. A casino theme party is great for anything from huge corporate events to a simple birthday party, and everything in between. This easy checklist is a good outline to follow so you can stay on track with the planning throughout the entire event planning stage. Throw your own casino theme party with Casino Parties LLC.