The Crosby Turnbuckle – Types and Features

The tension of wires, rods and ropes can be either increased or decreased through the use of a simple device called a turnbuckle. At the end of this device is something referred to as a threaded eye. The tension is adjusted by turning the frame located in the middle of the eyebolts – something which can be done with a Crosby turnbuckle.

Turning the Frame

A turnbuckle, through the method of turning the frame as mentioned above, can make the wire or rope more or less tense without the need to disassemble the entire configuration, or turning the eyebolts. A Crosby turnbuckle is a particular type of device that utilizes the method of turning the frame in order to increase or decrease tension in ropes or wire.

If you’re looking to purchase a turnbuckle, it is important to find a company that has many years of experience and also uses some of the highest quality materials in the industry. You should also look for the company to have been ISO 9001:2008 certification.

A number of different types of turnbuckles are available with each one having a specific type of assembly. Some of these are listed below:

Hook Turnbuckle

This type of turnbuckle comes with a hook located on one or both ends of the device. It can be used effectively in situations where the attached string or rope is not prone to slip from it. Quick attachment to the end of the device is possible due to its hook shape.

Eye Turnbuckle

This type of turnbuckle has an eyeball on one or the other side of the device. It is useful device when there is a higher risk that the rope or string will slip off, especially in instances when the device is turned.

Jaw Turnbuckle

This turnbuckle has a connector that is U-shaped on the other side of the device. It is useful for situations where slippage could occur with the ropes anchor. With this turnbuckle the tension is prevented from slipping, unlike the eye turnbuckle device.

Getting More Info

If you’re searching for a Crosby turnbuckle, as a start you may be able to find a significant amount of useful information on the website of the company that offers these types of products related to hoisting and rigging.

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