Why Choose High-Quality Steel Ball Valves?

by | Jun 8, 2017 | industrial supplies

When you need the best ball valves for your commercial or industrial applications, you want dependable and long-lasting products. That’s the reason many companies choose steel ball valves like Kitz valves. Here are some important features to look for when you shop for high-quality valve products. This information can help you save, time, money, and many headaches.

Fire Safety – Internal Leaks

The best products have built-in features to prevent leaks after exposure to very high heat. Here’s what happens. When a fire starts, temperatures can get extremely high, and this can damage or deteriorate seals in the valve. Products like Kitz valves have a special design feature that lets seat retainer edges contact the ball, once seals deteriorate past a certain point. This shuts off the valve and prevents leakage.

Fire Safety – External Leaks

Internal O-rings may get destroyed by intense heat. This can cause leaks at the valve stem. The best products (like Kits valves) use a double seal method for the valve stem. They have a flexible gasket made from graphite plus an O-ring. Should the O-ring get damaged in a fire, the graphite gasket keeps it from leaking.

Floating Seat

A special seat spring makes sure that the seats stay in contact with the ball. This gives you the best sealing performance.

Pressure Relief

In some cases, unusually high temperatures may trap dangerous vapors within the valve cavity. Specially designed ball seats move out enough to prevent excess pressure when the heat reaches a certain limit.

Emergency Sealing

Should the stem or seal get damaged by fire or other catastrophes, some of the best valves have option features that allow you to inject a sealant directly into the valve mechanism. Ask your distributor about some of the excellent features you receive with high-quality products like Kitz valves.

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