Using Sealcoating To Improve The Appearance Of A Driveway

If a homeowner wishes to improve the way their asphalt driveway looks, there are several steps they can take to obtain this result. Doing simple maintenance will help keep a driveway from prematurely deteriorating as well. Here are some steps one can take to ensure their driveway looks great all year long.

Take The Time To Remove Debris

Dirt and grime should be regularly removed from a driveway so it maintains a nice-looking appearance. Using a leaf blower or broom will handle small pieces of debris with ease. Periodically, use a garden hose or pressure washer to remove caked on dirt. If debris is not removed from an asphalt surface, it will cause excessive moisture to accumulate underneath it. This will then lead to the possibility of cracks or crumbling in the driveway.

Fill In Any Crumbled Or Cracked Areas

If there are small areas in need of repair work, the homeowner can tend to them with cement made for asphalt surfaces. First small rocks or pebbles should be pushed into each void to give the crevice stability. The homeowner can then squeeze the contents of a cement caulking tube into each crevice and spread it evenly over the edges of the crevice so the crack or hole is completely sealed. This cement will harden, leaving behind a slightly discolored area where the repair work was done. This can be covered with sealcoating if desired.

Improve The Appearance With Some Sealcoat

Sealcoating will instantly make a driveway appear like new. This material can be applied directly to the asphalt surface with help from a long-handled broom with a squeegee attached at one side. The sealcoating is spread with the broom and then smoothed with the squeegee. Most homeowners will hire a professional service to add this material to their driveway as it will ensure a smooth surface to enjoy.

If there is a need to hire a professional to apply Sealcoating to an asphalt surface, finding a reputable service in the area is best. Call Highline Pavement Maintenance to schedule an appointment for sealcoating application and to discuss pricing options if desired. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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